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Leather Silk delivers protection to your leather as well as restoring the natural leather feel and look! Leather Silk protects against everyday wear and tear as well as moisturizing your leather to prevent it from drying out and cracking prematurely. Regular use of Leather Silk will keep your leather looking and feeling brand new all the time while delivering maximum UV protection.


1. Clean away all oils and impurities on the leather with Mad Leather.

2. Apply Leather Silk to an applicator pad or a towel folded to mimic an applicator pad, apply 2-3 lines along said pad. Dot lines around leather surface before working Leather Silk into the previously cleaned leather.

3. Allow to stand on surface for 5-10 minutes and gently wipe excess off. For best results repeat process frequently. Leather Silk can be used on any kind of leather, not only vehicle leather but anywhere leather is found.